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Stop Australian drownings now!

Another two seperate incidents in Australian pools or waterways yesterday, taking the national toll to nearly 60 deaths this summer (sorry but I've lost count) has caused an increase in the volume of the  alarm bells ringing in the headquarters of Surf Life Saving Australia, state ambulance services and health and safety groups nationwide.

This summer has proven the most deadly in memory regarding Australian drownings and experts are scratching their heads. Help 4 Life has a particular sensitivity to immersions (drownings) due to both professional and personal experiences, and must stress the importance of: a) Ensuring competence and confidence before swimming (especially alone or in currents) b) Keeping international and inland visitors safe from trecherous locations/conditions with strong advice regarding risks  c) Having backyard fencing checked for compliance and possible breach points by little climbers d) Maintaining focus on kids AND adults in pools, beaches or waterways e) Not swimming whilst intoxicated  

f) Knowing skills such as CPR for immersions, choking and Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA).

If you are not certified, make it a priority to book yourself in for Provide CPR or First Aid course with an accredited trainer asap. 

Even better, seek trainers with actual experience in attending life threatening emergencies and saving lives for a living...

Help 4 Life first aid guarentees each participant will leave feeling more confident to help and competent to make a positive difference in life threatening situations such as drownings.

Sign up your family and/or friends to make it a more comfortable, supportive environment for everyone. 

0439 889 439

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