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4 Drownings in 2 days on Australian beaches - Lifesaving Australia responds.

Surf Life Saving Australia (SLSA) has kicked of a Christmas campaign in a hope to stop unnecessary drowning deaths on our beaches/waterways and awareness around water safety.

Following the deaths of a father and son on a closed Victorian beach, witnessed by family and another two seperate incidents on NSW beaches, Life Saving Australia has pleaded to holidayers to make good decision regarding water safety. 

Bottom line for all:

1. Swim only on patrolled beaches and in between the red and yellow flags. 2. Ask lifesavers/lifeguards for advice about current conditions ie. rips and sweeps. 3. Know you limits and stay where you can touch if you’re not a strong swimmer. 4. If you get caught in a rip DO NOT PANIC, lay on your back and raise your arm for assistance. 5. If you’re a parent keep a close eye on your kids, the beach is not a baby minding service and can be dangerous. 

Stay safe these holidays!

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