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McDonald's employee saves a life

McDonald's worker saves baby's life in medical emergency

7News Brisbane / November 20th, 2017

The swift actions of a teenage fast food worker have saved the day in a drive-thru medical emergency in Brisbane.

Lily Kay, a student paramedic, took charge when a baby boy began having a seizure at the Underwood branch of McDonald's.

Now the parents of Benji Burgess are hailing the heroic actions of the 19-year-old, claiming she saved their boy's life

One-year-old Benji Burgess was saved by a McDonald's Drive-Thru worker.

"She's my hero, she saved him - there's no two ways about it for me," mum Jodi said.

Jodi and her husband were going through a McDonald's drive-thru when Benji began making a strange noise after being unwell.

"I could see his feet shaking," Jodi recaortunately for Benji, McDonald's worker Lily Kay is also a student paramedic.

Lily was working part-time at this Underwood branch of McDonald's.

"I was terrified, he was turning blue and I was screaming 'he's turning blue, he's turning blue!'"

Fortunately for Benji, the McDonald's employee serving the family at the time was Ms Kay, who ran around to help as soon as she realised what was happening.

Benji's mother Jodi says Lily saved her son's life.

"I said to my manager 'that boy is having a seizure', he said 'go straight out and help her'," Lily revealed.

"It felt like forever, when he did finish seizing, I just checked he was breathing, made sure he wasn't swallowing his own spit and rolled him on the side and things like that."

Benji was rushed to hospital, where it was revealed a virus had caused his seizure.

Lily keeps in touch with the family and joined Benji for his first birthday.

Jodi says she believes Lily's presence was "divine intervention" but the teen reckons it was "just very lucky" she was there at the right place and the right time.

The family have since stayed in touch with Lily, who was even a welcome guest at Benji's first birthday.

Coincidentally, in Lily's final university exam of the year, she was presented with the scenario of a patient having a seizure.

Needless to say, she passed.

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